Top Secret - the great 88
The great 88
 the coolest heroes of the cold war
The Film

The film titled „The Great 88,“ tells the story of AFN Berlin and the staff, in particular the DJs and the music (R & B and Jazz) in context with the cold war situation of West Berlin. In this spirit, the DJs and the music as they were presented on AFN Berlin between 1976 and 1984 plays a central role in the film. Since then, the DJs have been raised to legends, which represent a state of mind and took the music scene in Berlin beyond the limits of imagination. As a foundation, the film conveys the unique situation of the city of Berlin, and of AFN in its historical relationship to the Western sector of the city, and also the duty that was assigned to AFN. At the same time, the role of all the Western allies is illustrated (keyword: guarantors of peace and freedom). West Berlin entered into extraordinary situation in the era of the Cold War. AFN also took on extraordinary status in the region as it was also being heard in East Germany and East Berlin. The special feeling and atmosphere that AFN brought to the East German youth forged a music scene and a desire for freedom that was existed in the AFN DJ personalities and the music itself. At the same time the West Berlin youth were living the same dream. Friday belonged to Jim McAuley. On Thursday it was AFN disco. The AFN Berlin broadcasts and the DJs were part of everyday life for teenagers in Berlin. But AFN also stood for great music and the highest standards of excellence. AFN Berlin was actually a channel of culture, par excellence.
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The AFN Berlin, which had actually been produced exclusively for the G.I’s, advanced in Berlin’s particular situation as a divided city and became the free voice of Berlin and of the free world and broadcast its remarkable programme to over 54 countries. Its presenters became the darlings of the Berlin public in the Western zone, as well as in Soviet-occupied areas which were later to become the GDR. The stories of the division of Berlin and of its Western part (known as West Berlin) and the AFN are inseparable and belong to the memory of a particular state of being, of a city which existed as an island surrounded by a ‘Red Sea’.
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